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Heavy Industry

Wires and cables resistant to temperatures of up to +1400°C, High-temperature braided sleevings
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The OMERIN Group is a major player in the Heavy Industry sector (Metallurgy, Glass Works, Ironworks, etc.). The Group is Europe's leading manufacturer of glass yarn. Our product ranges SILICABLE® (silicone-insulated wires and cables with or without reinforcing braid), SILIFLAM® THS (very high safety cables with composite insulation) and SILIGAINE® (braided insulating sleevings)  are designed to withstand extreme conditions of up to +1400°C. They have been designed in particular to power industrial facilities and maintain them operational in the most severe operating conditions. They can also be employed in areas where the ambient conditions may vary occasionally or due to an accident and reach abnormal levels. Our products comply with the main international standards and certifications: UL, CSA to guarantee top-notch reliability and quality.

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