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Robotics and Automation

Specialised moving cables and cords: alternate bending, folding, twisting, cable carrier, traction, mechanical impacts, etc.
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Expert in specialised moving cables, CGP, a subsidiary of the OMERIN Group, has made a name for itself in the industrial Robotics and Automation sector. Our OMBILIFLEX® (special multi-functional cables) and SPIRFLEX® (spiral cords) ranges are custom-made products offering extremely high performance, and which are adapted to the specific needs and operational limitations of our customers. A full array of mechanical tests (cable carrier, folding, twisting, traction, combined movements) are performed over millions of cycles at our laboratories to guarantee the optimal service life for our products. Also discover our new range HIFLEX® of standard moving cables  (cables in motion for cable chain, alternate bending or torsion flexion) designed to work in motion on very large cycles up to 5 million, our HIFLEX® power and control cables are available in single-core, multi-core versions, with or without shielding.

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