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400 Hz Aircraft Ground Power cables

Robust and high flexible cables for aircraft allowing battery charging, pre-flight provisions, checks and maintenance operations.
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HIFLEX® 400 Hz cables


Thanks to our moving cables expertise and total mastery of our electrical cable manufacturing processes, our R&D engineers have developed the HIFLEX® 400 Hz cables.

They are used to provide an electrical connection between the ground and the aircraft, allowing battery charging, pre-flight provisions, checks and maintenance operations. Made with extra-flexible core and a polyurethan (PUR) outer sheath, our HIFLEX® 400 Hz cables are very robust and can be frequently attached, detached and moved.

Most 400 Hz cables are a highly visible yellow or orange colour, but they can also be black. They are available in several versions: single core, 2- / 3- / 4- twisted cores (with or without the pilots cores inside the power conductor).

Technical information

Main characteristics

Extra-flexible core, class 6 acc. IEC 60228

  • High flexibility
  • 35 to 120 mm²

Outer polyurethan sheath (PUR)

  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Weather & Oil resistance
  • Halogen free

Operating temperature

  • Fixed laying: -40°C to 90°C
  • Flexible applications: -20°C to +90°C

Voltage rating

  • 600 / 1000 V

2 models AGP400 & AGP400i in 4 standard versions


AGP400 RCG1346001 (18 pilots)

7 x 35 mm² + 18 x 1 mm²

AGP400 RCG1346002 (24 pilots)

7 x 35 mm² + 24 x 1 mm²

AGP400i RCG1347001 (4 pilots inside the power core, one cable)

1 x 70 mm² + 4 x 1 mm²

AGP400i RCG1347002 (4 pilots inside the power cores, 4 twisted cables)

4 x (1 x 70mm² + 4 x 1mm²)

Customized products on request

Contact us to define with our sales engineers
the product best suited to your application

Specific versions on request:

  • Additional mechanical protection
  • Other compositions & constructions
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