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Pyrometric Applications

Thermocouple, extension and compensation cables, PT100 Sensor connection cables
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The OMERIN Group is a major player in the Temperature Measurement sector. Our range of  COUPLIX® (thermocouple, extension and compensation cables) and  SONDIX® (connection cables for platinum resistance temperature sensors) cables offers an excellent solution for temperature measurement techniques with thermocouples or resistance temperature sensors. Our products comply with the main marking standards and international certifications in the pyrometry sector: IEC 60584, ANSI-MC96.1, JIS C 1610, IEC 60751, NF C 43-330, DIN 43760, BS 1904, UL, CSA... to guarantee top-notch reliability and quality. Lastly, our engineers recently developed a particularly innovative pyrometry cable, the COUPLIX® K/KX-M-8 and E/EX-M-8: miniature, ceramic-insulated, ultra-light and resistant to extremely high temperatures.

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