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Electromechanical Applications

Low-voltage wires and cables for coil outlets on rotary machinery, Wires, cables and cable harnesses for hermetic group motors, Medium-voltage 1.1 to 15 kV flexible cables and Braided sleevings in Classes B, F, H, C
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The OMERIN Group has made a name for itself in the electromechanical sector (rotary machinery, alternators, generators, hermetic groups, etc.). Our cable ranges SILICABLE® (silicone insulated wires and cables with or without reinforcing braid, Class H), VARPREN® (Varpren® elastomer insulated wires and cables, Class B), SILIFLON® (fluoropolymer-insulated wires and cables with or without reinforcing braid, Class F), SILICOUL® (flexible medium-voltage cables, Class H) and SILIGAINE® (braided insulated sleevings in glass yarn or polyester, Classes B, F, H, C) offer an excellent response to the vast majority of special market needs. These products offer improved mechanical strength and high-temperature resistance. Our products comply with the main international standards and certifications: UL, CSA, Lloyd's register to guarantee top-notch reliability and quality.

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