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Type : electrical wire
Core : copper/nickel support
Insulation : ceramic
Colour of insulated wire(s) : grey
Standard : conductor diametre: 0.07 mm (AWG 41) to 1 mm (AWG 18)
Options : please consult our data sheet
General use : this very high temperature miniature wire has been designed to constitute extremely reliable windings capable of withstanding anythermal overloads (mechanical heating, short-circuit, location with thermal risk, etc.)
General characteristics
Fire behaviour : totally non-combustible at temperatures over 1,000°C, CERAFIL® may melt but cannot catch fire
Humidity : product sensitive to moisture (hydrophilic)
Radiation resistance : withstands prolonged exposure to neutrons and gamma rays without altering the mechanical resistance of the insulating material
Use : ceramic is very different from traditional insulating materials. This material is rigid and hydrophilic and therefore special care must be taken when using it. Please contact us if you need further information
Thermal characteristics
Continuous operating temperature : -90°C to +500°C (peak +1000°C)
Electrical characteristics
OperatingVoltage : 150Vac / 212Vdc
Approvals - Standards
Others : CGP innovation, CERAFIL® a ceramic-insulated wire for very high temperatures is the result of several years of research in our laboratory. Our team of engineers has developed ground-breaking technology that deposits ceramic on a lead wire of very small diameter (from 0.07 mm)



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