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Type : electrical wire
Core : flexible or extra flexible bare copper
Insulation : heat-stabilized non-coated high resistance polyester braid and polyester tapes
Reinforcing braid : heat-stabilized non-coated high resistance polyester braid
Standard : AWG 18 to 8 / 0.75 to 35 mm²
Options : please consult our data sheet FT 3101
Electromechanics : internal cabling for hermetically sealed motors
General characteristics
Chemical behaviour : excellent resistance to R12, R22, R404A, R134a, R407C, R507, etc. refrigerant gases and refrigerant oils
Mechanical behaviour : excellent abrasion resistance
Motion : excellent resistance to alternate bending
Others : excellent chemical purity
Thermal characteristics
Continuous operating temperature : -30°C to +125°C
Electrical characteristics
OperatingVoltage : 600V
Test voltage : 3000 V
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