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Type : electrical wire
Core : flexible bare copper - class 5 as per IEC 60228
Insulation : polyester and meta-aramid tapes
Reinforcing braid : varnished polyester braid
Standard : 0.25 to 70 mm²
Options : please consult our data sheet FT 3104
General use : cabling in +155 °C environments maximum requiring very good insulation resistance to abrasion and/or shearing and/or friction
Electromechanics : cabling for rotating machines (motors, alternators, generators)
Lighting : cabling for household lighting appliances
Electrical engineering : cabling for static machines (transformers, inductors, inverters, choppers) and cabinets
General characteristics
Mechanical behaviour : good mechanical strength
Use : compatible with most impregnation varnishes
Thermal characteristics
Continuous operating temperature : -50°C to +155°C
Electrical characteristics
OperatingVoltage : 300 / 500V
Test voltage : 2000 V
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