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Type : electrical wire
Core : nickel-plated copper
Insulation : four heat-sealed crossed polyimide tapes
Standard : 0.14 to 50 mm²
Options : please consult our data sheet FT 3119
High-risk sites : all cabling requiring enhanced chemical resistance and resistance to radiations (chemical, nuclear industry, etc.)
Heating elements : cabling for heating resistors, cartridges, bands and plates
General characteristics
Chemical behaviour : good resistance to moisture and common chemical agents
Radiation resistance : excellent resistance of polyimide material: 1.109 rad
Thermal characteristics
Continuous operating temperature : -190°C to +250°C
Electrical characteristics
OperatingVoltage : 300 / 500V
Test voltage : 2000 V
Dielectric strength : improved
Approvals - Standards
Bureau VERITAS : certificates (please consult our data sheet)
Others : nickel-plated copper complying with the 2% class as per standard ASTM B355
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