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Type : thermocouple cable
Insulation : polyimide / PTFE tapes
Shielding : nickel-plated copper spiral braid
Sheath : Polyimide / PTFE
Colour of insulated wire(s) : yellow, purple
Colour of outer cable sheath : light yellow
Standard : 2x AWG 20
Options : please consult our data sheet
Aerospace and Defence : measure of temperature by thermoelectric effect extension cables serve to connect the open ends of the two wires of a thermocouple at the reference junction in equipment where the thermocouple is not directly connected to the reference junction
General characteristics
Chemical behaviour : excellent resistance to chemical environments and aircraft fluids
Humidity : excellent resistance to humidity
Mechanical behaviour : excellent cut-through resistance and excellent abrasion resistance
Thermal characteristics
Continuous operating temperature : -55°C to +260°C
Electrical characteristics
Test voltage : 600V
Electromotive force : please consult our technical data sheet
Approvals - Standards
Aeronautic and defence : inspired of EN 2714
Flame retardant : FAR 25
Low smoke : EN 3475
Mechanical performances : EN 3475
Chemical performances : EN 3475



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