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Type : shielded multicore cable
Core : flexible bare or tin-plated copper
Insulation : thermoplastic or fluoropolymer
Shielding : tin-plated copper braid
Sheath : polyurethane
Braid : securing cords in polyester
Colour of outer cable sheath : black
Standard : models KQ9A, KQ28A, KQ29A, KQ30A, KQ31A, KQ381, KQ47A, KQ48A, KQ49A, KQ50A, KQ51A, KQ52A, KQ53, KQ55A, KQ60A, KQ61A, KQ62A, KQ63A, KQ65A, KQ66A
Options : please consult our data sheet
Aerospace and Defence : audio, data transmission, remote control cables for armoured personnel carrier
General characteristics
Weather conditions : excellent resistance to UV
Chemical behaviour : excellent resistance to oil, hydrocarbons and biological agents
Resistance to water : permanent immersion AD8 and resistance to sea water
Mechanical behaviour : excellent cut-trhough, abrasion and alternate bending resistances
Thermal characteristics
Continuous operating temperature : -40°C to +85°C
Electrical characteristics
OperatingVoltage : 100V, 250V, 350V, 600V
Approvals - Standards
Aeronautic and defence : DGA specifications, SEFT 027
Flame retardant : SEFT 027
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