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Innovation and Quality

Continuously investing in human and material resources to develop new technologies and ever-more effective solutions

Processes and Materials

The use of noble materials such as silicone, fibreglass, mineral fibre, fluoropolymer, polyimide, mica, meta-aramid, polyolefine and other special thermoplastic and elastomer insulation enables us to propose a wide range of high-performance products that can be used in a large number of applications for international and multi-sector markets.

Our R&D, in close coordination with our Applied Research Laboratories, works every day to develop new products and solutions that meet the specifications of our customers, comply with the highest standards, and withstand the most extreme operating conditions. Our Process and Industrialisation Engineering teams continue to optimise and modernise our processes, tools and production systems.

Major investments are made each year at our industrial sites to make sure our machinery remains at the cutting-edge of technology, ensuring responsiveness and high production capacity.


Tests and Quality Controls

Before they are introduced on the market, all the products of the OMERIN Group undergo numerous tests and quality controls at each step in the production process, from their development through to final packaging.

All our industrial sites are ISO 9001 certified, and certain ones have additional certifications as required in sectors such as aeronautics (EN 9100), railway construction (IRIS) and medical devices (EN 13485, EN 15378).

The safety of our products is a top priority for us. Our production work for the medical market takes place in controlled environments (ISO7, ISO8 and ISO9 clean rooms) and our quality systems respect the most demanding regulations.



The e-beam process

Among our most recent innovations, the OMERIN Group has invested in a facility that performs electron beam crosslinking of insulation sheaths for wires and cables  (e-beam). 

Configured to crosslink wires and cables of all diameters, this process upgrades the physical-chemical characteristics of the wires and cables thanks to insulating sheaths with completely uniform crosslinking that require no chemical catalysing additives.

OMERIN has now joined the ranks of cable manufacturers who possess the know-how for this technology. As a result, several new product ranges have been created for the automobile, railway and renewable energy markets, to name just a few.