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Union Plastic s'engage dans le développement durable

UNION PLASTIC committed to sustainable development

Every day, UNION PLASTIC, the Expert in the Healthcare Industries : Exploit Solar Power, Intensify its Eco-design approach, Recycle more than 170 tons of plastic wastes per year.

UNION PLASTIC, based in Saint-Didier en Velay (43), has been a recognised specialist for 60 years in plastic injection design and the manufacturing of medical device components and sub-assemblies for human and veterinary health care. All of its products are for the health industry, and can be broken down into four categories: applicators and dispensing devices for health care products; primary pharmaceutical packaging; medical devices and components; and diagnostic consumables. The company has initiated a major sustainable development policy to optimize the use of resources.

Our company is in constant development and is keenly aware of the environmental impact of our activities, which is why we’ve been undertaking an ambitious ecological program over the past three years. «As a plastics manufacturer in the heart of nature in Auvergne, this is particularly important to us. It’s our corporate responsibility, and it only seemed natural for us to be a force for change in this area,» explained Frédéric GOUNON, Managing Director of UNION PLASTIC.