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OMERIN buys out the PRINCE MEDICAL Group

OMERIN bolsters its Health Division

On November 25th 2019, the OMERIN Group acquired 100% of the shares of the PRINCE MÉDICAL Group, which has its headquarters in Ercuis (Oise, France). The company designs and manufactures single-use medical devices for the fields of gynecology, gastroenterology and urology. This purchase will bolster the OMERIN Group's Health Division and offers the potential for many synergies with the Group's companies.

Founded in 1993 by Jean-Claude Prince, PRINCE MÉDICAL is specialized in the design, manufacturing and distribution of single-use medical devices. These Class IIa, Class IIb, Class I sterile and Class I non-sterile products are designed for the following fields:

  • gastroenterology (endoscope cleaning brushes, balloon catheters, injection needles, etc.)
  • gynecology (Cheron forceps, speculums, insemination cannulas, etc.), in vitro fertilization
  • urology (urodynamic catheters)
  • medical imaging (oxygen therapy, anesthesia-reanimation, etc.)

A growth strategy for the Health Business Unit

The OMERIN Group already has a presence in the medical devices market with its subsidiary UNION PLASTIC, based in Saint-Didier-en-Velay. Specialized in the design and production of medical devices and pharmaceutical primary packaging, UNION PLASTIC boasts cutting-edge expertise in plastic injection. The synergy of knowledge and skills possessed by PRINCE MEDICAL and UNION PLASTIC will enable the development of innovative solutions for the French and international markets.

The OMERIN group transforms 30,000 tons of thermoplastic and elastomeric materials into items produced on 90 injection presses, ranging from 60 to 295 tons, as well as tubes, profiles and extruded cables (cross-linked or otherwise) on a hundred or so extrusion lines. Its team of researchers, engineers and experts will bring scientific and technical added value to the medical devices developed. PRINCE MEDICAL will bring its special technologies, its wide range of medical devices for growth sectors, and its comprehensive knowledge of regulatory aspects.

In addition, the PRINCE MÉDICAL Group will be able to explore the possibilities of developing medical devices with silicone elastomer, a material with exceptional properties (neutral and inert), which the OMERIN Group is able to transform with total mastery.