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MICHELIN President pays historic visit to OMERIN Group headquarters

The OMERIN Group had the great honour of welcoming Jean-Dominique Senard for a visit to its main production division (“division principale”) and headquarters in Ambert.

A global tyre giant, with a turnover of 21 billion euros in 2017 and 110,000 employees around the world, the MICHELIN group needs no introduction. Its president, Jean-Dominique Senard, accepted the invitation from OMERIN Group CEO, Xavier Omerin, and was welcomed by the executive committee, Xavier, and Michel Omerin, the group’s founder. It was an historic visit organised in a spirit of optimism and goodwill, “the 2nd most important since the visit of Valéry Giscard d’Estaing in 1989”, pointed out Xavier Omerin.

During an address and discussions with the management team, Jean-Dominique Senard alluded to the geographical proximity of the 2 groups and the industrial problems and issues they both had to contend with. “You represent a kind of French excellence which is just waiting to shine on the world stage”, he explained with pride. Full of admiration for Michel Omerin’s approach to technological change, in which he has been the driving force, the MICHELIN president reminded everyone that innovation must be at the very heart of everything we do: « Around the world, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace.

" You represent a kind of French excellence which is just waiting to shine on the world stage" Jean-Dominique SENARD

Technological advantage is increasingly short-lived, so we have to speed up innovation if we are to survive”. Investment in the digitisation of data will also be crucial for the success of the businesses of tomorrow; a concept which the two Auvergne-based groups have already incorporated in their respective strategies for several years. The group’s executive committee then accompanied Jean-Dominique Senard on a tour of the different production workshops, the research and development laboratory and the logistics platform in the “division principale” where, with enthusiasm and passion, he learned all about the expertise and quality of OMERIN cables for extreme conditions.