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Make our planet green again!

Action for the planet

In 2019, the OMERIN Group invested in the installation of 12,000 m² of solar panels, covering the roofs of four of its production plants: OMERIN division principale (2800 m²), OMERIN division silisol (2800 m²), OMERIN division polycable (2800 m²) and UNION PLASTIC (3600 m²). The Group won the call for projects issued by the CRE (French Energy Regulatory Commission) in 2017. This means we receive a bonus for each watt produced and used by our company. The project lasted around two years, involving the various installation and yield studies, the administrative permits, strengthening of the roofs and asbestos removal, related works, installation of the solar panels and, finally, verification of the installations' compliance. The total investment reached €1,600,000 (excl. VAT), plus the costs of asbestos removal, as well as reinforcement and repair of the roofs.

With 500 kVA of power being produced on each site, the studies show that, for each of the sites, around 10 to 15% of electrical energy consumed is our own power. This is a huge project, which helps to reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions, through consuming our own green and renewable energy – an achievement we are proud of!